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ミュージカル「黒執事」‐地に燃えるリコリス‐ ☆ Visual Book

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"Akane Liv as Madam Red."


who’s up for a heaven and hell au!! (original, i know)

so far i’ve got the seven deadly sins down, picking whichever characters i think could be represent them. up next will be the seven virtues, hopefully, but that all depends on whether my schedule will allow it and if i’m still up to doing it in general — ps, sins are in the captions!


New video by LOVAC! Basically… Dangan Ronpa

Caution: Spoilers Ahead!


学園とらいある | ぶんこ

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this is what i’ve been waiting for

i fucking knew it

Thank fucking god for the creator of this!

Wallpaper Set 1


taurus set extremely high standards for themselves and become viciously self contemptuous when they fail to meet them. they try to keep their emotions in tight control, but months of suppressing negative feelings eventually erupts in a taurean outburst

❝Some old wounds never truly heal, and bleed again at the slightest word.❞

Star Quotes
—      George R.R Martin

taurus  ° ☾ °☆

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should i tell gilbert that maybe it’s not a good idea to put forks into a microwave or

damn i should have told him